Although I was formally trained at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA in Painting, 2000), Art has played a non-conventional role in my life ever since.  I have taught art to everyone from maximum security prisoners in Trenton, NJ to children residing in a homeless shelter in Santiago, Chile.  I have taught home schooled children and public schoolers from kindergarteners to High School Seniors.  Throughout these various teaching endeavors, I've worked at maintaining my own personal artistic practice.  I have long had diverse interests in my artwork and I return to the same three themes:

1.  Botanical and Naturalistic imagery

2.  Monsters and Creatures

3.  Whimsical portraiture

Currently, I am the Art teacher for Beulah Ralph Elementary school in Columbia, MO.  Along with three other incredibly talented local artists (Kelsey Hammond, Aron Fischer, Hannah Reeves) I helped found the 8th St. Makers Collective..  8th St. Makers Collective holds regular pop-up shops throughout the community selling affordable, high quality local art.   In addition to creating original work for each pop-up shop, I work as an illustrator and I recently began collaborating with Facture Goods ( to create hand-painted ceramic ware.