Muriel Battle High School's first ever mural
Three BHS students painting
Mural in Progress
The First Ever BHS Mural!
Our finished mural!
Tribute to Willy Wilson in the Ragtag Little Theater
Mural in progress
Mural in progress
Mural at "The Corner Building"
 I moved to the North Central Columbia Neighborhood in August, 2012 and immediately began helping to complete the mural (which had been abandoned when the "corner" building was slated to be demolished).  I began by sketching the rest of the images from the Field Elementary students up on the wall in black.
 In 2013, the neighborhood, and those who had worked on the mural originally, came together to finish the project
 Mural in progress
 Gennie Phannenstiel returns to paint, 6 years after the project first began.
 The final day of painting, May 2014
 The "Corner" mural is finally finished!
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